10 Rock and Roll rules of the road  (even if you aren’t in a band)

Note perfect.


My husband is a touring musician (www.patmastelotto.com) so he travels a lot, mostly without me. Sometimes though, if I’m really lucky, he brings me with him or I fly to meet him. In the process he’s taught me a lot about traveling, and especially traveling with a group. Some of these things I’ve learned the hard way. So I’d like to pass on a few of these golden bits of knowledge to you, a select few of my very close friends. If I can protect you from even one embarrassing glance from a roadie, I’ve done my job.

Rock and Roll Rules of the Road

1. Invest in your luggage

If you ever find yourself in a conversation with a musician and wonder what to say, don’t gush and about what a big fan you are—just ask about their luggage. Luggage is as important to a touring musician as an…

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